Primovero PP Cooked Ham

For the production of Primovero cooked ham starts with an Italian heavy pork leg from the PP (Prosciutto di Parma) circuit.

Slowly cooked au naturel without a mold and tied by hand.

Seasoned with real broth, made exactly as at home: with meat vegetables and spices (celery is not used as it is an allergen).

Also added is Millefiori honey and "Sale Marino i Trapani IGP." What results is an excellent cooked ham, soft and delicate.

The sweet note given by the honey stands out on the palate.

An ancient salting method allows a more

Primovero PP Cooked Ham Background
Code: 608008
11.5 kg approx.
180 days from conf.
crt 1 pc

Without glutamate, no added sugars or flavoring.

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