Culatta in the cellar

Aged for a minimum of 24 months

Pork legs from the DOP circuit and a unique process make our culacce a true excellence: salting with double sea salt, like Parma, and a special shaping that makes them rounded and less pear-shaped, thus reducing waste. 
The Culattes, destined to become 24, are the most beautiful in terms of weight, uniformity of shape and fat coverage and spend the last six months in one of the oldest cellars in Langhirano. From the cellar they recover the intense color and a flavor and aroma that only long-aged Parma have.

Like the 30-month-old Parmas, they do not undergo further grouting.

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Culatta in the cellar
Code: 600347
6,3 kg approx.
270 days from pack.

Gluten Free No Milk Derivatives

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