The Lella

The best part of fresh ham and mortadella

From an ancient recipe from Bologna.
This ancient product could be called, "mortadella di magro", in fact a mixture of fresh ham is produced, cubed, defatted and denervated and lean mortadella with some lard. That's the reason for its slogan: the best part of fresh ham and mortadella. This high-quality, very lean dough is then stuffed into a small ox bladder, the real casing of the original Bologna that is now hard to find. This is followed by cooking, which is also similar to Bologna. The result is a product very similar to mortadella, with an incredible flavor and surprising nutritional characteristics: only 10% fat, only 180 kcalories and 22% protein. 
Fine slicing is recommended. Fillings or croutons with simple, warm and crispy bread.

The Lella Background
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8 kg c.a.
4 months from pack.
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Gluten Free No Milk Derivatives

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