Pecorino della Valdichiana with sage

Tuscan Pecorino cheese of superior quality: the raw material (only sheep's milk from Valdichiana) is enriched by the ancient dairy experience handed down from father to son that maintains the aging of the cheeses in traditional Tuscan jars and in tuff maturing caves.
The pecorino with Sage rests in jars covered with organic sage that penetrates the pasta, the refinement is real not purely decorative as often happens. It matures for 80 days.
It is aromatic and fresh on the palate, it is never aggressive. Sage has also always had beneficial, stimulating and toning properties.
The paste is not pinstripe white but pale yellow or cream with small holes. 

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Pecorino della Valdichiana with sage Background
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2.8 kg approx.
150 days from pack.
crt 1 pc

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