PecPecorino Romano DOP


One of the oldest cheeses in the world, already present among the ancient Romans.
It is a cheese with a protected designation of origin, whose processing is limited to the regions of Lazio, Sardinia and the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. 
The distinguishing features of Pecorino Romano di Amatrice is the salting with the ancient "dry" technique carried out manually by selected salters, by sprinkling coarse sea salt on the surface of the wheel.
Another peculiar feature is the seasoning that takes place in natural tuffaceous caves dating back to the first century B.C., which give the product a particular softness and a lower perception of salt. 
The maturation is long: 12 months. 
Appearance: a fine straw-yellow rind, compact paste, colour with shades from white to natural straw yellow.

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Pecorino Romano DOP
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